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On This Day in Typewriter History Royal's Magic Margin Men You guessed it, it's the same machine, after suitable application of Scrubbing Bubbles, Pledge, steel wool, Mother's Mag and Aluminum Polish, and touch-up paint. Oct 2, 2012. On This Day in Typewriter History Royal's Magic Margin Men. While Royal continued to market the Quiet DeLuxe portable its mask was.

Number 12 the Royal FP myoldtypewriter The Remington Rand KMC is still an understated machine, but you can see that it's handsomely understated when its paint is revealed as black (not gray), its return lever shines, and you can even see the lht-blue pinstripes around the lower edge of the ribbon cover and on the sides. May 16, 2016. The SCM electric has since been sold and I bought the Olympia SG3. I passed on the FP because its Magic Margins weren't working.

The Typewriter Revolution blog KMC vs. KMM (Of course, being a sucker for glossy Deco desns, I would really like to find a breathtaking Remington 17 like the one below. Jun 2, 2013. Of course, later models retained the Magic Margin feature. I've seen them a few times before in other typewriters, but a Royal fix would be the.

Royal portable manual - I've only seen one in this style, ever, which was in the collection of the late Don Sutherland; I don't know where it's gone to, and all I have are these little photos. Your Royal is the only portable typewriter that can be tuned to your own. "Magic " Margin permits you to set margins. out of your new Portable Typewriter.

Magic Margin Our Typewriters But back to what I do have ...) I got my first Remington (my Noiseless Portable no. Our Typewriters. Hermes 3000. Serial #. Royal Safari 1960s. Royal Quiet Deluxe. 1970s. Royal FP. 1960s. Currently Under Repair. SCM Classic 12. 1960s.

Royal Typewriter Model Serial Number Database 7) about 35 years ago, and started collecting Remington portables some 19 years ago, but my experience with the b modern Remingtons was almost nil until I cleaned a Remington 17 for a Word Play customer a little while ago and was pleased with its quality. Mar 15, 2017. Royal KMM Typewriter 1940's Black Magic Margin Touch Control Vintage. Current Price. Royal Portable, Models P, OT, O no model name

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