Cci 100d valve manual

대한에프에이엔지니어링 홈페이지에 오신 것을 환영합니다. It routes hh pressure, hh temperature steam around the HP Turbine, from the main steam line typiy to the cold reheat line. On-Off Valve 3-Way Ball ValveB21T, YPPC, 2008-02-18. 12, Control Valve Globe Valve100D, CCI, 2008-02-18. 11, Control Valve Globe Valve840G.

D sur Amazon In doing so, the HP turbine bypass valve must perform both pressure reduction as well as temperature control.

CCI Valve - YouTube Pressure reduction is accomplished with the multi-stage trim (DRAG ) within the valve body. Jun 25, 2013. DSW 3D animation and Motion Graphics.

CCI 100 DPC DRAG Wellhead Production Choke Valve The inlet pressure is controlled by an upstream pressure controller, snalling the valve to modulate to maintain the pressure at the required set point. CCI 100DPC DRAG ® Wellhead Production Choke Valve 4 CCI DRAG® choke features ensure extended operating life. Bolted Bonnet Easy Maintenance Pressure Balancing Seals

Control Valve Handbook - Alternatively the valve can be sent a dital snal to quick open or close to control pressure. The Control Valve Handbook has been a primary reference for more than 30 years. D Chapter 8 offers typical control valve installation and maintenance proce-.

DHP TM CCI DRAG Control Valve For Hh Pressure Turbine. Temperature control is accomplished through the addition of water to the steam to reduce the specific enthalpy of the steam (a process ed desuperheating). DHP TM CCI DRAG Control Valve For Hh Pressure Turbine Bypass 2 What is a. Trim No screwed or welded components to simplify installation process.

Control Valves for General Applications A separate water valve supplies the correct amount of water to the desuperheating mechanism (typiy spray nozzles) within the steam conditioning valve. Control Valves for General. The CCI MSD-II spring-diaphragm actuator is standard for this product and. 840G Typical valve with diaphragm and handwheel or manual.

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