Quickie iris tilt in space manual wheelchair

Maillots L Space carla- This is a very nice quality chair and everything on it works well, beautiful desn, easy to change tilt angle, nice seat and headrest. I can tilt her back just enough to stop her from leaning to one side all day like she did in her old chair.

Quickie IRIS Tilt Wheelchair Tilt-in-Space Wheelchairs My wife has been in a reclining wheelchair for several years, but this is a whole different approach and is easy to shift her weht and pressure points. This is truly a great chair and I recommend it to anyone considering purchasing and expensive chair like this. With my husband's recliner wheelchair it seemed as though he was staring at the ceiling most of the day. It's ed the Quickie IRIS Intellent Rotation In Space. Quickie IRIS Tilt Wheelchair. The IRIS manual wheelchair features 40 or 55 rotation ranges.

Quickie IRIS - Motion Wheelchairs Very nice setup with the padded back cushion and headrest. Quickie has developed a dramatic new approach to tilting in space. It’s ed the Quickie® IRIS. Tilt Advantage. The Quickie® IRIS. manual wheelchair.

QUICKIE® IRIS Manual Tilt Wheelchair Sunrise Medical With this chair he is able to watch TV and actually look at us instead of the ceiling. It is truly a nice tilting wheelchair and constructed well. The QUICKIE® IRIS manual tilt wheelchair features up to 55° of Intellent Rotation In Space Technology and an extensive range of positioning and caregiver options.

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