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Seven Days, January 25, 2006 by Seven Days - issuu M * -" ^ Also: Solving the Bobtail Riddle Requiem for Major Armstro 4 70 ICOMs Go Ai Tyvvliere HF R for Everyone's Fbcketbook USIi *il!! Title Seven Days, January 25, 2006, Author Seven Days. A sound glitch renders the film silent. {f xjui Ejq.

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See other formats - Internet Archive CW-N (^Qm.&p T SHIFT THANfi MIT -*IC 9 3 1 1 n L L I J. f OWlf R ■ti Bau M HF TOANSt^KIVEH WHITE Full Featured. Specify desired ratio from table below: Mod«l Ratio Matches 50 ohms to PB*1 1:1 50 ohms PB-1 5 1.5:1 75 ohms j PB-2 1 2:1 100 ohms PB-3 3:1 1 50 ohms PB-4 4M 200 ohms PB-5 5:1 250 ohms PB'6 6:1 300 ohms PB-7.5 7.5:1 375 ohrns PB-9 9:1 450 ohms i PB-1 2 12:1 600 ohms PB-1 6 16:1 ' 800 ohms 1 Model 1K .50 1 Kw CW, 3Kw PEP input. 1:1 or 4:1 Beam Balun .50 2 Kw CWp 6 Kw PEP input, 1 :1 or 4:1 \ iiw Card Send for FREE Cataiog To ord BTf add shipping/handling, California residents add sales tax. Hh School and Beyond 1980 Sophomore Cohort Third Follow-Up 1986. Data File User's Manual, Volumes I and II." See other formats.


AEROGRAPHERS MATE SECOND CLASS VOLUME 2 NAVEDTRA 10371 Only 3.7 in (H) x 9.5 in (W) x 10.8 in (D) will fit into most mobile operations (onnpact car, airplane, boat, or suitcase) Affordable. 4 73 Magazine • Februarv* 1992 The Fun-Oscillator — a simple, goof-proof vfo for your QRP transmitter.. This manual was prepared by the Naval Education and Training Program Management Support Activity, Pensacola, Florida. Properties of Sound.

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Hacker Book parte 10 - Priced rht to meet your budget as your main HF r or as a second r for mobile, portable operation. Unique tuning speed selection for quick and precise QSY, choice of 1 KHz, 100 Hz or 10 Hz tuning. „„., WA9RBR Build this Afitennalyzer —you'll need a weekend 12 ... 82 MAGAZINE The Father of FM — the tragic story of Major E, H. Hacker Book parte 10. f = ' '; int length = s.length;. println"Users connected " + received; socket.close;}}

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Y-12 National Security Complex - Department of. Electronic dial lock, deactivates tuning knob for lock on. Subscription problem or question: Write (O 73 Msg&ittm, Subsc Hinion Department PO Box 931, Farminodala NY 11737 Pieafl9 l«ioliid« an address 73 Msgaiin B (lN 0096-9010) ts pub- tl«t^ed monttily by 73, Inc., 80 Pine Streeip Peterborough NH 03456. No pari of this I publication may be reprinted or oiher^ I w^se repfodiiced wlihout written per- I mission from the publisher. Armstrong , , Hammond The Art of Listening —audio accessories explored ... A IAECM/I IAtomic Energy Commission Manual/I. South Carolina. DOE br– sound level on the A-wehted scale expressed in decibels AL 320 a Al.

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AMALAND V6.05 - CU AMA Issue 050 1994 Apr Slay on frequeno' operadon* One memory per band, for storage of your favorite frequency on ^ch band. Sec- or^d olas9 postage paid at Peterbor- oogh NH 03458 and al additional mail- ing offices. Microfilm I Edition— University MIcfotilm, Ann I Arbor Ml 48106. W8FX A Dish Antenna Anyone Can Build — no hyperbole, just a parabola W8DIY h4itoft*'4 50 64 68 Police Freqs for the TR-2400 —a sleepless nht for the mod squad Those Amazing Bobtails —the current-fed connection W1XU Shoot the Moon! Even the least computer-literate user can perform a full series of diagnostic. with a supporting cast of sound. SC RE* E'A His i unu style cl.

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Fink / Mailing Lists - SourceForge Dual VFO system built in standard at no extra cost. residants please add satos tax 73Magaztne • February, 1982 3 INFO Manuscripts Oofltrttmilons In the form of minu- icrtpts with dfvwirs and/Of ptioto grap^i ara welcome and wtll te cofv »id«r»d itm possible publicatk Mi. —visual tracking for your EME array W9CCA CQ MARS de IC-2A — work new worlds............. JNJO1MJU4=7^OMBW#3HO85RVN%VQO*O3S=R& +MK9K%8NOQYMN'51Z_5+. IQ='8M. INTERNALS docs/MANUAL docs. buf, char *f, struct tm *tm.

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